Curriculum and Assessment

Total Personality Development Programme (TPDP)

All students admitted/enrolled in Calcutta Boys School will be subject to the Total Personality Development Programme (TPDP) of the School. This will include, along with academics, exposure to Christian prayers and hymns, compulsory participation in Field Games & Sporting activities, regular health check-ups & counselling sessions.

Assessment Procedure

CLASSES I to IV : NO formal examination or terminal tests will be conducted. Students will be assessed on 2 class assignments, comprising 50 marks each, conducted during the course of the two semesters I and II. The final total will be on 200 marks. All students who perform satisfactorily in class and obtain the minimum grade required i.e. 40% and above will be promoted to the next class.

Written assessment 30 Marks
Class Response 10 Marks
Project/ Home assignment 10 Marks

Middle School (Classes V to VII)

CLASSES V to VIII : Students will be assessed twice a year i.e. Semesters I & II. Each semester will include one class test of 20+5 marks and one term examination of 75+ 5 marks. The final total will be on 200 marks. The promotion of a student will be determined on the basis of his total performance during the entire academic year.

Students will be marked on all of their work in the class projects & assignments written work, oral & aural work, response and preparation of daily work at home and in school.

Class V - VIII will have 25 marks assessment in G.K., M.Sc., Games, Music and Art, based on their class response/performance and projects only. No separate class tests will be conducted in these subjects.

Senior School (Classes IX to XII)

CLASSES IX to XII : Students will be assessed twice a year, i.e. Semester I the Final Examination / Pre-Board (Rehearsal) Examinations. Each Assessment/Examination paper will be of 100 marks and will be set as per the Council Regulations/ Rubrics.

The schedule for The Semester and the Final Examination / Pre-Board (Rehearsal) Examinations will be circulated through separate notice issued by the Principal.

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