Principal's Message

Dear Colleagues & Students,

It is my pleasure to greet you all on the opening of the new academic session 2018-19. This is ‘the year of God’s favour’ Calcutta Boys School completes 140 years of dedicated service in the field of the education, and I extend my heartiest welcome and prayers for a blessed academic year ahead.

A special welcome to all the new students who have joined CBS this year. We look forward to forging strong and lasting relationships with you as you strive to attain proficiency through holistic education at CBS.

All our existing students, we welcome you back to a new chapter in your lives, with blessings that, you may continue to grow in knowledge, and in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and His plan for your life.

At CBS we believe that. “Every child is God’s creation and is destined to achieve the best.” With this aim the school leadership and staff, mentor the young generation, equipping them to excel in life and to serve humanity, thus fulfilling our founders vision “Dei Mundus Deo”- ( to prepare) the World of God, for God.

The Quest for Success is great, as are the opportunities, and the two elements that guarantee success and wellbeing in life are Self-Confidence and a sound Character.

Armoured with poise, perseverance and systemized working and adorned with a sound nurturing in values, virtues, patriotism , conduct, manner of dressing and credibility (those attributes of a true CBSite), any individual would stand out in a crowd or achieve the higher goals in life.

While CBS provides an excellence programme for the holistic development of her students, nothing much can be achieved without the commitment of each individual student. I believe every student has to his responsibility for his learning, and with confidence and commitment press towards his goal, drawing inspiration from St. Paul who said:” I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” (Philippians IV: 13).

Dear Students, as you begin this new academic session, it is my prayer that the Spirit of God help you to be more session, it is my prayer that the spirit of God help you to be more enthusiastic and organized in preparing your lessons. While the School web-site is regularly updated with all important notices and current information, the other two important documents that you will need to refer to during the course of the year are the School Calendar and School Diary. I would encourage you to review both of these publications and to take note of all important dates. Read the Diary carefully and make optimum use of it, bringing it to school every day.

My sincere thanks to all my colleagues (the Faculty & Staff of all four campuses), the DIA , the parents, the Management and the friends of Calcutta Boys’ School for their tireless support, dedication, and, especially, for making CBS a family community, dedication, and understanding we provide each other that helps through the long hours, challenging tasks, and the tough days. I thank you sincerely for all your contribution and look forward to your continued support as we grow, improve and innovate together in this new academic session.

May the Father Almighty guide and bless CBS for a successful & fruitful academic year 2018-19.


Raja McGee
M. Sc. B.Ed. CIC, B.D.
(Principal & Secretary)

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