CBS Mission

The Calcutta Boys School is a Christian Minority, Anglo-Indian, English Medium day school under the control and authority of the Bengal Regional Conference of the Methodist Church in India, managed by the Calcutta Christian Schools Society (Regd.). Very much Indian and very much Christian, we therefore expect each parent or guardian to enthusiastically co-operate in our total Christian programme for the training of each child. This means, the cultivation and the study of those:

  • Moral and spiritual values which are fundamental for the building of all true Character in each of us.
  • Social Values which make for good Citizenship, not only within the small limits of the School and its compound but also in the greater life of the social community beyond the School. The School day ends at 1:30 p.m. but not its’ Discipline nor its Idealism.
  • Cultural Values such as Politeness, Neatness, Cleanliness and Punctuality etc., which characterise a gentleman.
  • Constructive Attitudes that lead to a great career, and save the child from being just another wage earner in the economy of life.

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